The Luaripak Group

Luaripak Investments (Pvt.) Ltd.

Brief History

Luaripak Investments (Pvt.) Ltd., (LPI), was founded in August 2005 by Pir Muhammad Sadiq, a leading businessman of Pakistan. The establishment of LPI was to initially trade with different commodities and on later stage to organize manufacturing facilities accordingly.

Since its inception the Company has been extensively trading in different sectors, for instance Commodities like Urea, Wheat, Sugar, & Coal, and since 2017 the Company has been involved in trade of Textile related products like Greige and Printed fabric.

Luaripak Investments takes pride in being identified as beacon of business development involved in avenues of Trading, Agricultural Commodities and other ventures. Luaripak Invesments has, by itself, and in some cases in collaboration with foreign and local partners, who are the leading brand names in the world, identified, initiated, supervised and successfully completed major business ventures.

The Company has recently supported and established manufacturing/services provision facilities in Textile Sector with the name StyleLight Textiles (Private) Limited.


The Company is generally a private investment organization with a mission to acquire the interests in other market players as equity partners for establishment of facilities in Textile, Oil & Gas sector for power generation and trading in different commodities.

Products and Services

LPI has the distinct privilege of exclusively representing M/s Mid Link General Trading LLC Dubai in Pakistan. It is also the part of the exclusive club of 12 Major pre-qualified companies in the TCP for the import of Urea and other commodities in the country.

Since its inception LPI had achieved many milestones one of them was ably supporting Midlink General Trading as a local partner in the import and supply of 35000MT of Urea for Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) in 2005.

In the sector of Textile since 2017, the Company has traded/provided the best quality of fabric to local brands. The Company also provided to some of their customers digital printed items on Knit and Pure Fabrics like Lawn, Silk etc. The professional team of the Company not compromising on quality established high standard of quality for printed fabric and greige fabric.

The Executive Management of LPI

The Chairman and Managing Director of Luaripak Investments (Pvt.) Ltd is a dynamic entrepreneur; Pir Muhammad Sadiq, who has done his Bachelor’s degree in Arts and is well-versed in his field and an aggressive investor.

The second Director is Pir Muhammad Saleh who has done LLB (Hons) from University of London. He takes care of subsidiary companies and looks after mainly business development especially Textile Sector in Europe and Middle East in connection with Company’s business activities. He is stationed at Karachi.