The Luaripak Group

Asian Mining

Mission Statement

With minimal effect on the environmental conditions, to explore, mine, process and market minerals with the optimum use of technology and science, for job creation and poverty alleviation, while safeguarding the national and business interests.

Current Projects

Coal Mining

Asian Mining currently holds prestigious rights over 2000+ acres to extract coal from one of the largest coal mines of Lakhra coal fields in the heart of southern Sindh Province key to the future mineral prospects. The locations of this exploration licenses (EL’s) granted by the Government of Pakistan, are shown in the following map:
The deposits of coal in Lakhra coal fields-Sindh are estimated at 1.3 billion tons. The coal has been tested intensively for washing and found suitable for power generation. On confirming suitability of the coal and conducting study of its marketability, Asian Mining felt the need to explore these deposits to cater to the growing fuel needs and also contributing to adequate development of the area.

Gypsum Mining

Asian Mining has recently acquired concession over 3000 acres for gypsum mining in Nai Gaj area of district Dadu, Sindh. An Investigation study is being carried out over this area to identify gypsum deposits.